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Your flavour secret

For meat confits – Sweating – Flavouring – Binding – Colouring – Sautéing – Frying

Eating well is essential.
The SUBLIM' range restores the credibility of fats. It satisfies our quest for authenticity.
Common sense, of the kind our grand-mothers had, tells us to choose local produce wherever possible, both for quality and environmental reasons.
As an enhancer of flavours and taste, fats can add Flavour, Crispiness, or a Melt-in-the-mouth texture to dishes.
Since our body needs some fat, it is important to choose top quality products. Additive-free range.
Duck fat, Goose fat, Beef dripping, Lard and Virgin coconut oil are available in a variety of packaging formats to suit your requirements.
We’ve been supplying the French and European markets for over 100 years.

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A few words from the chefs

Today's modern chefs are challenged on a daily basis to be original, to explore new possibilities and to break out of the culinary world’s moulds. Simply going back over the same old recipes is never going to cut it. Chefs must be bold and innovative, without ever losing sight of the product’s intrinsic qualities, which are what make it such a rich and authentic element. In other words, the keys to cooking success are respect for produce and a good understanding of that produce. Once a chef takes this stance, everything will click into place ... like a light bulb moment that inspires them to use their talents to transform the ingredients into an amazing dish.
Conseillère Culinaire et Conceptrice Terres Culinaires

It gives a rounded aspect, flavourful and gourmet.

You can do just about anything with it: caramelise, bind, sear, confit, make a sauce, etc.

I use it just as much in savoury recipes as for sweet dishes … instead of butter in choux pastry, an emulsion in the siphon or a ganache … it makes a nice change!

Finally, a product that breaks the rules and gets us to try something different!

The perfect way to add character to a dish.

This product is an absolute delight – it makes me want to cook!

Sublim', the cooking fat that turns an everyday meal into a glorious feast

Discover the chef’s flavour secret for magical meals! In the blink of an eye, add some flavour to your cooking with our animal or vegetable fats. With superior quality products that are free of additives, you can be sure of finding a helping hand to transform your cooking into an original and tasty result with unique flavours. Stir your culinary creativity and explore new flavours thanks to your taste asset!

Sublim’ specialises in superior quality animal fats with a range that includes: duck and goose fat and lard. We also offer premium vegetable fats with our organic coconut oil to enhance your cooking in an original and creative way.

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