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“What’s for dinner?” » How many times have you heard that question and how many times have you felt uninspired? Let us help you. Check out our simple and delicious recipe ideas for savoury and sweet dishes, from appetisers to desserts. These are modern, contemporary recipes that follow the seasons and are easy for anyone to achieve, so why not give them a try? When you cook using duck or goose fat, or coconut oil, your meals will be more daring, flavourful and a lovely surprise for your guests. And the name of the game is … treat yourself!

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Easy, healthy recipes using animal or vegetable fats

Here, you’ll find all of our tips for preparing sophisticated savoury or sweet recipes to add an extra touch of originality and flavour next time you cook. Our recipes are healthy and easy for anyone to achieve: whether you are a professional chef or a fan of cooking. Go ahead and treat yourself to some of these delicious dishes enhanced with Sublim’ – your flavour secret. To the kitchen! We’ve suggested lots of recipes using duck fat and other high-quality animal or vegetable fats. Animal and vegetable cooking fats are healthy and necessary for the human body to function correctly, so there is no reason to deprive yourself. And to make our recipes even healthier and more gourmet, Sublim’ is 100% additive-free. So then, go ahead and take a look at all of our easy-to-prepare recipes for delicious meat or vegetable dishes and fine desserts! All of our recipes have been developed and written by our partner chefs. You can also go directly to the list of our savoury and sweet recipes to find new inspiration according to the flavours you like.

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