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Duck fat L'Intense

graisse de canard acheter

“L’Intense” duck fat by Sublim’ has a lovely light-yellow colour with distinctively clear and authentic flavours. Its delicate roast meat taste helps to perfect your cooking for dishes that are absolutely unique. Our “L’Intense” duck fat will add true character to your meals. Certified “additive-free”, it lasts very well during cooking and will partner any of your dishes. Its delicate flavours mean that it stands out naturally on its own, needing no additives.


Easily digestible and high in monounsaturated fatty acids, Sublim’ is renowned by professional chefs for its properties:
– lasts well during cooking and does not blacken,
– holds it properties to 180 °C
– particularly suitable for slow cooking
– as part of a balanced diet, helps to reduce bad cholesterol

Nutritional values per 100 g

Energy : 3700 KJ / 900 Kcal
Fat : 100 g
Of which saturatess : 32,8 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids : 49,3 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids : 12,9 g
Carbohydrates : 0 g / Sugars : 0 g
Protein : 0 g / Salt : 0 g
Vitamin D : 4,8 µg
Vitamin E : 2,7 mg

Datavision: One ingredient = all of its applications at a glance

Still don’t believe you can bring out the flavour with animal fats?

Then allow us to demonstrate just how creative our products really are …

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See the datavision

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2,5 kg bucket
Berlingot of 10 gr
850 gr jars
350 gr jars
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Duck fat used in gourmet recipes

“L’Intense” duck fat lends itself perfectly to preparing delicious sarladaise potatoes, an authentic and gourmet recipe. The powerful aromas of “L’Intense” duck fat by Sublim’ add a touch of character to this traditional recipe. Our “L’Intense” duck fat is easy to use, both by professional chefs and by any fan of unique flavours and dishes. Its PET plastic pot packaging facilitates handy storage and avoids any risk of breakage. Featuring a large lid, you can open and close the pot in a second, making it simple and efficient to use. When you purchase “L’Intense” duck fat by Sublim’, you can be sure you are getting a genuine product, without any additives, for a bold and rich cooking experience.

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