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DUCK FAT.. “La Délicate”
Once the preserve of the poor, nowadays, whiting is a popular fish to eat. Its white, thin, flaky flesh is low in fat. Among other uses, whiting is often breaded. This stylish recipe is worthy of the greatest chefs!!
Preparation : 30 mins
Baking : 1hour + 15 mins
serves 6 to 8
8 slices of sandwich bread with the crusts removed
400 g whiting fillets
140 g Sublim’ “La Délicate” duck fat
5 g fine salt
3 eggs and 3 egg yolks
200 g single cream
25 g + 25 g black garlic puree
50 g mayonnaise


1 blender
1 15 cm x 15 cm mould
1 piping bag
1 oven
1 frying pan


Cut the whiting into cubes;
Add the whiting flesh into the bowl of a food processor and blend until pureed. Add the salt, egg yolks, Sublim’ “La Délicate” duck fat and blend in the food processor.
Add in the cream, then pass through a sieve.
Grease a mould that is 15 cm wide and 15 cm long;
Line the base with slices of bread;
Use a piping bag fitted with a plain tip to fill the terrine with the mixture;
Spread out the mixture and top with a slice of bread, then press down well;
Cover with film and steam in the oven at 85°C for an hour;
Leave to cool for at least a day (or overnight) in the refrigerator;
Cut the terrine into slices;
Add the Sublim’ duck fat into a frying pan, place the terrine slices bread side down, and brown them;
Bake in an oven at 150°C for a few minutes to warm the terrine pieces for service.

Meanwhile, mix the mayonnaise with half of the black garlic puree.

N.B.: In the photo, we divided the whiting mixture into two and dyed one part with half of the black garlic purée, then by alternating the two mixtures, we achieved a chequered pattern.

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