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"French Art of Frire"
achat saindoux


Le Fondant

Goose fat

La Raffinée

Organic virgin coconut oil

acheter graisse de canard

Duck fat

acheter graisse de canard

Duck fat

La Délicate

Discover the range of magic ingredients to bring out the favour !

Any chef will tell you that they value lard, duck and goose fat, as well as coconut oil to lend even the simplest of dishes a “little touch” of additional flavour that has an irresistible charm.

This range of magic ingredients is free of additives and reconnects with the art of cooking for a fresh take on recipes.

You’ll be amazed at the scope of culinary applications it offers.

Any recipe is possible – savoury or sweet!

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For professionals and enthusiasts

Cooking with SUBLIM’. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur cook, this range was made for enthusiasts. For those who love a melt-in-the-mouth texture or a crispy finish, and for fans of flavour or creaminess, the SUBLIM’ range delivers on all of these expectations. Animal fats have always played a role in French cuisine. The author of “The Three Musketeers”, Alexandre Dumas, writing in his three-volume “Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine” described how in times past, a piece of ham and bacon was added to the pan or saucepan to keep the food from burning, as well as to add flavour. Had you forgotten? Well then, our range of magic ingredients is on hand to reveal your inner gourmet.

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A complete range of cooking fats

Sublim’ offers a wide range of animal and vegetable cooking fats that are aimed at professionals and amateur cooks, as well as all food lovers. Add some unique flavour to your dishes with the chef’s “secret flavour”! Many professional cooks use Sublim’ every day to bring out all the flavours in their dishes. Now you can also elevate your cooking with an authentic and gourmet product that will delight your guests’ taste buds. In no time at all, Sublim’ will become your magic ingredient whenever you cook – your simple yet effective flavour secret for enhancing any of your dishes. Whether it is duck or goose fat, lard or even coconut fat, each product has its own particular characteristics and flavours that will contribute to a remarkable dish.
When you use our 100% additive-free range, you can be sure of effective and delicious cooking that is also good for your health. Sublim’ products ensure healthy cooking, last well and do not blacken. This means that Sublim’ cooking fats are especially suitable for slow cooking, unlike most other fats traditionally used in cooking.

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