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DUCK FAT.. “La Délicate”
Here is a nice gourmet salad that is really easy to prepare! Why not try this as a starter over Easter? If you cook the eggs ahead of time, there's almost nothing left to do on the day! 😉 Duck fat is rarely used for frying; however, it is suitable for such temperatures, plus it lends a delicate flavour.
Preparation : 30 mins
Baking : 10 mins
serves 6
1 frisée salad
7 large eggs
100 g flour
100 g breadcrumbs (or ½ breadcrumbs and ½ panko)
Salt, pepper
200 g Sublim’ “La Délicate” duck fat (it all depends on the pan you're using: a small one with a diameter of 12 to 15 cm will do nicely)
Sauce Gribiche:
2 large eggs
1 tbsp mustard
1 tbsp extra fine capers
5/6 cornichons
2 tbsp vinegar (cider apple or red wine vinegar whichever you prefer)
20 cl oil
Fresh herbs: tarragon, chives, parsley, chervil
Salt, pepper


1 pan or deep fryer
1 pestle (optional)


Cook 6 eggs for 5 minutes 30 seconds, then cool down well in cold water,
Gently peel the soft-boiled eggs,

To coat the eggs with breadcrumbs:
Whisk the raw egg as if making an omelette, and season with salt and pepper,
Add flour and breadcrumbs into two separate containers,
Dry the soft-boiled eggs, roll them in the flour, then in the egg and lastly, in the breadcrumbs, followed by another roll just in the beaten egg and in the breadcrumbs,
In a small pan, heat the Sublim’ “La Délicate” duck fat to about 160°C
Deep fry the eggs until golden brown,
then place them on kitchen paper,

Sauce Gribiche:
Finely dice the cornichons,
Chop* the herbs,
Cut the hard-boiled eggs in half,
Slice up the egg white,
Cook two eggs for 9 mins, then place in cold water and leave them to cool,

Take out the yolks, add to a bowl, and mash with mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper, gradually adding the oil, (if you have a mortar and pestle that’s ideal!),
Once you have a semi-thick consistency, add the chopped herbs, followed by the sliced egg white and the capers,

Prepare the salad and place into bowls,
Drizzle Sauce Gribiche over the salad,
Add the fried egg,
Look how beautiful and tasty this dish is!

* My recommendations:
Cook all of the eggs one day ahead: the yolk will have time to set, and you will obtain a better result.
Do not chop extra fine capers: they taste nicer that way.
*Chop: to cut finely
Suggestion: garnish your salad with bacon lardons, sautéed in duck fat until nice and golden. 😊

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